Klara Kent

I have been around horses since very young age. My first horse memory was as a 5yr old, when my parents took me to a rodeo. From that moment I wouldn't stop talking about horses. As a teenager I joined my first Equestrian Club in Doubice (village in Czech Republic) and started to compete in Show Jumping. I have been taught riding by Vendulka Sponarova, who is well-known coach in Germany and Czech Republic.


As 18 year old I become coach myself and worked with Vendulka. I taught children as well as adults of various skill levels. In my 20s I got registered with CJF (Czech Equestrian Federation) and obtained license to compete in horse driving trials, but never got to compete, because I decided to move to Australia.


My passion is show jumping and vaulting. I love sharing my experience and knowledge with my students.