Tess is a chestnut quarterhorse cross stockhorse.

She is a great beginners mount who will get moving for a little bit of jumping or a game of polocrosse.

Food is her true passion.


Tango is a bay standardbred.

He was so successful in Harness racing they brought him over to Australia from New Zealand. He has now found his home as our quirky gentle giant.

The tongue action is the least of his quirks.


Greg is a chestnut quarterhorse.

Greg loves anything fun. Jumping, archery, polocrosse, sporting, chasing cows. Going around in circles is not his idea of fun, you need to keep him thinking.

Not for the faint of heart.


Tex is a grey (not white) welsh cross.

Tex loves to jump and can work well on the flat as well. Everyone thinks he is super cute and you can dress matchy matchy. He is not impressed with our efforts to make him cuter.

His best friend is Joey.


Tommy is a brown clydesdale cross Stock Horse.

Tommy is a handsome boy that loves to jump. Looks pretty good on the flat as well.

Definitely one for a photoshoot


Joey is a thoroughbred that was a competitive showjumper who retired into the riding school when he had enough of competitions.

Joey now enjoys the more leisurely life of a schoolmaster. He will work nicely on the flat and still loves to have a jump in the school.

Tex is his best friend and he would love to share his stable all the time if he was allowed.


Pixie is a palomino stock horse cross arabian.

She is the real baby of the gang and is finding her feet over poles. Everyone loves her comfy canter.

If you see her flat out on the ground don't worry. She loves sunbaking.


Gidget is a buckskin welsh riding pony cross.

She is a little pocket rocket. Jumping and sporting is her game but if you need her to tone it down for beginners she will.

Pretty, smart and quick on her feet this girl has it all.


Waffles is a chestnut quarterhorse cross.

Waffles is not phased by anything. Great for starting out on the lunge but also has a bit of go. Likes jumping and watersports.

She is a chestnut mare for a reason.


Jack is a chestnut welsh cross.

Jack is the perfect beginners horse. Definitely more whoa than go. If you ride him well he will wake up though.

Careful he doesn't fall asleep when you have a break.


Arty is a bay stock horse.

Arty is an absolute sweetheart that loves pats, rubs and scratches almost as much as he loves his best friend Harley. He will move when you make him but there is a reason he didn't make it as a polo pony.

It's like sitting on a tank.


Harley is a brown stock horse.

Harley is Arty's partner in eating and sleeping. He is a steady going boy who will work nicely when you know what you are doing and who will cruise when you don't.

Don't believe him when he says he is starving.


Woody is a chestnut pony that has a bit of everything in him.

Affectionately known as Mini Greg he is a little mischief maker that loves to play.

Woody loves to jump and has plenty of scope despite his little short legs.