Adult Lessons

We offer lessons for complete beginners through to intermediate riders looking to improve their position and control. Unlike a typical riding school, you will learn essential horse handling skills such as grooming and saddling to help you become a self sufficient rider.
In lessons, time is spent making your position secure and effective. Once you are confident in your riding the lessons can include some jumping and sporting activities.
We with older riders who have lost their confidence or are starting their passion late in life. 
What to wear
There is no need to go out and buy expensive gear. Helmets are provided.
Students are required to wear:
  • Long pants such as tights/leggings or tracksuit pants. These are normally more comfortable than jeans.
  • A comfortable shirt, remembering lessons are conducted outside so something that offers some sun protection is recommended.
  • Socks that go above the ankle to prevent rubbing.
  • Enclosed shoes that at least cover the ankle. They need to have a small heel so the foot can't slip all the way through the stirrup and a smooth sole. If there is too much grip the foot will get stuck in the stirrup. No runners!
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
Weight limit is 90kg but please call if you're unsure or have other questions.